12 grams of egg white protein and high-nutrition fruits and nuts. Great taste and...

No B.S. (Their words, Shrug.)

Sprouted Chips

Loaded with energy, clean ingredients, and alkaline so that it combats acidity, empower yourself with this super snack.

Bixby Hand Crafted Chocolate Bars

Organic  Craft Chocolate Bars

Buddha Bowl Popcorn
Way Better Sprouted Chips
Bean Chips

Real Food Protein Bars

Smoky White Bean Hummus

Air Popped Organic Popcorn

Certified Gluten Free, Non GMO, 

No MSG, No Trans Fat. Kosher, No Cholesterol, Low Sodium, Vegan

Texas Made Fiber Full Bean Snacks. Protein and Antioxidant Rich with mean crunch & amazing flavor.

Made from Scratch in House & Loaded with Protein, Vitamins + Minerals,

Anti-Inflammatory... & delicious.

House Special

Jackson's Honest Coconut Oil Potato Chips

Low and slow potato chip cooking method brings out all the subtle flavors. Organic Potatoes and the perfect spices like Himalayan Salt.

White & Dark Belgian Chocolate or

Delicious Caramel & Nut  Organic Popcorn

Chia Crisps Snacks

Cooked in Cold Pressed Coconut or Avocado  without heat or chemicals to keep the essential Nutrients. Dusted with Himalayan salt.

Bean Chips

House Special Popcorn
RX Clean Protein Bars

Coconut Oil Chips

Organic Veggies & Hummus

Certified USDA Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Non-GMO, 

Gluten Free, Hand Crafted,  Protein & Fiber Rich,

Rainforest Alliance Certified